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Wathiq Gzar Al-Ameri & Ali Al-Fatlawi

The life Art project and performance‘s of Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri reflect and challenge the West’s attitudes to Iraq and Iraqi culture – the fears and expectations and the dread arising from civil casualties, border-crossings and the psychological pressure expressed in physical gestures. The mortal as part of everyday life, dealing with war acts and the role of memory and lost lives in warare also important subjects expressed in their performances. Ali Al- Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri won the Performance Art Award Switzer- land in 2011, which was followed more recently with the prestigious Swiss Art Award 2012. Wathiq Al-Ameri & Ali Al-Fatlawi are based in Switzerland and collaborate as part of the studio Urnamo founded in 2002. They have known each other since childhood and studied toge- ther at the Bagdad Arts Academy in Iraq and F+F Submit Schule für Kunst und Design.



- PANCH, Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique    contemporain, Lausanne, Switzer   land



- New Performance Turku Festival, Turku, Finland

- PAN Asia (Performance Art Network Asia) Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul and

    ACC in Gwangju, South Korea

- Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden

- Skövde Art Museum, Skövde, Sweden



- FRAGMENT Part 2 In front of the Otto Von Bismarck Memorial, Berlin,


- performancekokkene NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Faroe Islands,



- Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia

- ArTrend International Performance Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

- KODE Museum, Bergen, Norway

- Acción!MAD 17 – XIV Encuentro de Arte de Acción, Madrid, Spain 

- Kunsthal Charlottenberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

- Interakcje Performance Art Festival, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland



- (Pro Helvetia) Swiss Performance Artists, China  

* bEIJING Live International Performance Art Festival, Beijing 

* Ming Contemporary Art Museum (McaM), Shanghai 

* The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art (GCA), Chongqing


- Roskilde Festival, An Age of Our Own Making, Roskilde, Denmark 

- Pavillon of Reflections Manifesta, Zurich, Switzerland

- PERFORM PERFORM FESTIVAL, Fribourg, Switzerland

- Platform Festival, VASA, Finland

- Sacred Homeland Performance Art Festival, London, UK 

- Live Art Danmark, COLAB, Copenhagen, Denmark

- Legs Performance Action, Zürich, Switzerland



- Arctic Action Live Performance Art Festival, Svalbard 

- Infr’Action 3, Venezia Biennale, Venice, Italy

- LiveAction 10, Gothenburg, Sweden


- Biennale Athens, Athens, Greece

- DIMANCHE ROUGE, Kumu Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia 

- Infr’Action 2, Venezia Biennale, Venice, Italy

- liveAction 8 , Gothenburg, Sweden

- Infr‘Action 9, Sète, France

- Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performance Arts, 

           Ljubljana, Slovenia



- Performance Festival Turku, Turku, Finland

- Trouble Performance Festival, Brussels, Belgium

- Guangzhou Live International Action Art, Guangzhou, China



- International Performance Festival, Mainz, Germany

- International Festival of Live Art, BMI Glasgow, Scotland

- Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York, USA

- Mont der Performancekunst Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany

- Raum für Gegenwartskunst, Performancelaboratorium 03, Linz, Austria



- Festival Particules, Geneve, Switzerland

- Ex-Machina Arts Contomporains, Genev, Switzerland 

- Zoom Festival, Hildsheim, Germany

- Open International Performance Festival, Beijing, China 

- HSLU T&A in Horw, Luzern, Switzerland



- High School of Architecture, Lucerne, Switzerland 

- Atelier Zweistrom, Vienna, Austria

- Momentum Festival, Brussels, Belgium

- Kasko, Basel, Switzerland



- Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, Switzerland

- Kunsthof Hochschule für Gestaltung, Zurich, Switzerland 

- Kulturcafe „Abunoas“ Zurich, Switzerland

- In der Kapelle der Helferei, Zurich, Switzerland



  - Galerie der Erde, Zurich, Switzerland 

- Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland

- Im Field, Zurich, Switzerland

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